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Welcome to the Wiki!Edit

Hello and Welcome to The Story Project Wiki! We're currently working on collecting stories that are focused mainly on MLP (Either G3 or G4) And they must be no more than 5,000 words per story. We do, however still allow Popular older generation characters.

Now, I'd like to say that we do accept all any any OCs from stories and if you could, we'd love it if you provide us info about your OC some we can add them to our Characters page!

The Story Project is aptly names so, because no certain or current name has been defined yet by the Creator of any of the Staff involved. Please contribute!

Describe your topicEdit

The Story Project is mainly going to be compliations of MLP Storys that all have at least a tiny bit of relevance to each other. You also may share your stories here or whatever.

It's also encouraged to ask for reviews and to submit art.

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